How I was Dubbed the Princess of Darkness


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Listen in to the unfolding of an unusually WOO chain of events that I experienced earlier this year.

It all starts with a ghost in my apartment...

...and ends with a bizarre EMDR session, where I am dubbed The Princess of Darkness, by two entities.

Hold onto your butt cheeks ;)

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Queer, eclectic witch, Fen Alankus, is obsessed with discussing the magickal and mystical with anyone and everyone. She has apprenticed with gurus, been mentored by shamans, and worked with dozens of healers, sages, and mystics.

In each episode, she follows her intuition wherever it takes her - in and around topics like Witchcraft, meditation, the paranormal and supernatural, alien and Fae encounters, spirituality, gurus, shamanism - all the WOO. Through stories, investigations, interviews, and more, Fen and her guests explore some of life’s most unusual and fascinating questions and mysteries.